Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow PINK BLAST with Mixed Berry Flavour ~ REVIEW #MaybellinePH #OhMyBabyLips

Last month, I went to Abreeza Ayala Mall to attend FUJI FILM INSTAX DIY 2 . After the event, I went inside Abreeza Robinsons Supermarket, I seldom do my groceries here because it is way too far from our home, but because I need to buy facial wipes for personal use I have no choice but to go inside the market.

A bit astonished when I came to a stand full of beauty products, I see make-ups and lipsticks from different brands inside their supermarket. Normally, beauty products are displayed at the Department Store or in a Mall.


BABY LIPS PINK GLOW Mixed Berry Flavour

For Flake-Free lips, used Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow on before bed. This is good, especially for active teens.

see: MaybellinePH

I bought this item for my teenage daughter, and so far she loves it!

She posted it on her IG, how much she adores it!

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This is the Lip Balm of the new generation brought to us by Maybelline New York. An adult strength type of a lip balm made for baby soft lips, now with a touch of a tint pink that is perfect for any ages.

INSTANT 8HR MOISTURE that helps shed away rough dryness to make your lips so supple, smooth and cushioned all day long.

Today, teens need something that will protect their lips from sunlight exposure. Prolong stay outside the room, having their outdoor activities such as volleyball and soccer can damage skin, especially their lips.

Maybelline Baby Lips has a unique secret formula, it has an EXCLUSIVE LIP RENEW FORMULA that helps protect and moisturizes lips. It visibly renews lips in 1 week.

PINK BEAUTIFIED LIPS. I don't know whats with the PINK, but this color shades really a trendy thingy for every teens like my daughter.

Maybelline Baby Lips has an exclusive color-blooming technology that reacts with your unique lips chemistry, it reveal how perfect #PINKGLOW to you!

How to apply? Just turn the base 1-2 times for usage. Reapply when lips are exposed to strong UV radiation coming from the sun and frequently cold winds for maximum protection.

For best results: Apply Lip Pink Glow by starting in the center of your upper lip, followed by the outer edges of your lip by following the contour of your mouth. Then glide it across the entire bottom. Do not smack both the upper and bottom lips, it will just smudge your lip color.

It has an adorable tubes.

And perfect for a "NO FUSS. NO FIXED" face days!

According to my daughter, the BABY LIPS in the color PINK BLAST with Mixed Berry Flavour is her absolute favorite. Lip Balm is so moisturizing, no need of adding chapstick. A definite must have!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I bought the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* 


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  1. I like this shade for ladies as it looks more natural and simple. They would have that glow but it won't look to loud.

  2. Lipbalm is one of my staples and one of the lipbalms i have been loving is maybelline baby lips because it is very moisturizing. :)

  3. I am a sucker for a good lip balm, I have them dotted all around the house. Looks like a rather sweet colour and glad your daughter likes it! Sim x

  4. I am not a makeup girl, but I love tint lip balms. I will look for this.

  5. I have seen this product in the beauty bars here in our country but upon seeing my friends try it, I knew that it would not suit my skin type. I think this best suits lighter skin colors.

  6. Aww that's nice she thanked you on Instagram. Very cool.

  7. ive still never used this product yet. i want to use up my lip balms first

  8. I saw this Maybelline Baby Lips Balm on a lot of beauty stores. But haven't go and try out. I shall get one for myself maybe.

  9. I am a lip balm sucker and I totally love and trust Maybelline. I am into their nude collection as well as the matte.

  10. I am a lip balm sucker and I totally love and trust Maybelline. I am into their nude collection as well as the matte.

  11. oh I love this as well! Not just for the teens really, just for anyone who appreciate the neutral shades and the nude look :)

  12. Maybelline is a known brand so the quality should be very good. The colors look very attractive and bright.

  13. I think this is perfect for teens. It gives them a nice tone in their lips yet it's not too overwhelming.

  14. This is great for women who loves beauty products or to shift to another brand as well. Maybelline beauty products are good and has variety to choose from.

  15. I love Baby Lips. I've been using it for years and it's one of my go to lip balm.

  16. The images are rather blur :( Couldn't see the before and after of the application though

  17. I love these for a quick on the go fix. I definitely need to use something more moisturising at home though.

  18. These are really amazing. My fav ones are the orange and cherry balms.
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