CandyLipz: World Most Innovative Lip Plumper #BloggersWanted #CandyLipzAffiliates

I received an email letter from a company named CandyLipz. Yes, I know that this company is responsible of giving a lips that looks like Kylie Jenner plump pout.

CANDYLIPZ is one of the most obsessed over lip plumping tools available today. Clinically and dermatologist proven safe and approved, if use properly for intended use.

I heard so much of the temporary side effect of this product, but I guess users are also responsible in using CandyLipz Pouty Lips tools. It is said in the instructions that bruising and swelling is minor and its no where near the lip injections side effects, this will happen after using the tools. The cupping marks will appear and resolve within 7 days.

Nevertheless, CandyLipz won 14 prestigious awards and it designed specifically for lip plumping.

Not all lip plumper devices created equal. CANDYLIPZ is not a cap, a jar, a lid nor a shot glass! It's unique lip-shaper technology works on 15 anatomical zones of the lips.

Choose the right LIP PLUMP size for your lips, so that the result is NATURAL! Do not be too ambitious to have a perfect pouty lips, the tendency is you will get a horrible lip after that. 



Lip Pumps


Mouth Cover

To know more about CANDYLIPZ you can visit their site HERE.

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  1. This is quite a unique lip product. It does help giving you that pouty lips look.

  2. wow this product is great, you can have pouty lips in an instant, hahaha. I will recommend this to my friends :)

  3. I have seen some of the horrific results of people trying to get the plump lip effect using improvised gadgets so I think it would be better to use a safe one if you really must have those lips.

  4. great one for gorgeous women to try.. ha,ha,ha...