Single Mom For Mother's Day Fashion Inspiration Galore #AwesomeRed #MothersDay

Color Red have so many meanings whether cultures, beliefs or faith in different countries.

Each cultures has its own traditions, rituals and ways of expressing the RED COLOR.

In INDIA, red incites FEAR but for some others it is a DYNAMIC and CONSTANTLY breathing FIRE in the eyes of the beholder.

This is the color associated with their most revered goddesses in Hindu mythology - DURGA.


In China, traditionally red is a bridal color. It is expansive, power, dynamic, good luck, celebration, and a long life.

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Red color is always associated with HAPPINESS and GOOD FORTUNE.

In Japan, color red is considered a life-giving color. And it is associated with female reproduction.

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We always do the stereotyping idea with colors, isn't it? That BLACK is BAD and WHITE is GOLD. That color PINK is for GIRLS and BLUE for the BOYS.

And for sure, RED is for SEXINESS regarding Women's clothing, styles and fashion.

In Western culture, red is associated with SEX, LOVE and DESIRE.

RED is more attractive if wears by woman.

Oh, that's right. Remember the movie of Julia Roberts, "Pretty Woman", she wears that long dramatic RED dress and Richard Gere reaction was so perfect.  


Clearly it says, that red makes women sexy and romantic.

Science discover that RED is the color of sexual attraction. Studies shows that when women wear it, it enhances men's attractiveness towards the woman.


We will observe Mother's Day this month of May. The time we honor our dear mother, grand mother and great grand mother.

As a single mother, celebrating Mother's Day may mean that I have to initiate it alone together with my kids. Or maybe I have to go out for a date if there is one and have a romantic and non-sexual relationship(well that is special). 

And to prepare for that big day, I must have prepare something that will help me entice my beauty and glam. So what will I wear depends also with my moods and characters.

According to what I've read, a woman can wear confidence in her feet wearing a high heel stiletto, or slip into a red colored dress with styles and attitude. It depends on moods you have.

For single mothers, hope these will also be a FASHION GUIDE on what to wear this Mother's Day.

Red comes a variety of shades from bright red to maroon, and to get that perfect tailored red dress have it customized and shoot by a tailored master in order to get the desired style and fit match your body.

A darker red dress looks great with fair complexion. Brighter red should be avoided.

V NECK Dark Red Bodycon Dress

Burgundy or Red Wine as they usually call it, a red with a shade of rich maroon. Goes well with chocolate complexion.

Fashion Style 2015 by Image Gold Club

Aside from looking mysterious and stunning it also gives the wearer a healthy and sexy look in this color that will give you an evening date that is full of promising romantic together.

But if you hate wearing dresses and you love to match your red blouse or shirts to a pants, make sure you already washed your pair of black, dark blue or dark brown pants.

Red Blouse + Black Pants

Red Maxi Chiffon Blouses With V Neck And Batwing Sleeve

Red Shirt + Dark Brown Skinny Jeans  + Black Blazer

Red Filbert 3/4  Sleeve Popover Blouse from 41 Hawthorn 
+ Black Pants or Dark Blue Pants

Hey fellow single mom out there, don't be shy to wear red dresses, blouses or shirts this coming Mother's Day though February the month of love ended, it's not too late to indulge yourself and be seductive with the color RED.

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  1. Advance Happy Mothers Day Pal. Red is definitely a strong color, which is perfect for single moms cause they are the strongest with so many responsibilities.

    1. Thanks Franc. Red color really has a very strong effect for us women.

  2. Besides red, you can try pink too! It's mellower and also have a happy effect. I like how you give different outfits!

  3. This is a lovely mother's day tribute and I love the color red! :D

    1. It's perfectly nice to wear color red. Thanks Jason.

  4. Advance Happy Mother's Day from one mom to another. Red has been my favorite color until recently when coral and mint took over haha. All of my best tops and dresses are of that color, and my husband loves it on me. It's a strong color that definitely speaks of how confident a woman is in her own skin, so go for it. As for me, I wouldn't say I have a strong personality, red just looks good on my skin tone haha.

    1. Wow! That's great. Great to know that Anne.

  5. When in doubt, just wear red!! I love red color~


  6. I have always associated red with sexiness and confidence. It’s nice to know what people from other countries think of it. And that was a nice outfit for the moms.

  7. I've always been a fan of red and burgundy red is my favorite among all of them. I've always associated it as fierce and confident. I never thought of it as "sexy" until you mentioned it and gave pretty woman as an example. :)

  8. I like my wife wearing red, especially in formal occasions. It is very attractive and makes a strong statement of confidence.

  9. It doesnt latter if you're a single mom or celebrating mothers day with a partner. Impt thing is you are with your kids. I love wearing red. Though i never wear red dress nor blouse on valentines. Lol

  10. I've always heard the song. Lady in red. Maybe this explains it. :D Advance happy mothers day! Mom should have her own style too. :D

  11. Naku, not red, baka habulin ng Toro ang misis ko. But this get up "Red Shirt + Dark Brown Skinny Jeans + Black Blazer" wil just be fine for my wife to wear this Mom's Day.

  12. Mom's who want to feel sexy but still a little reserved can go with that last look, red as a top or under a blazer or cover up. Red is always attractive, so go for it!

  13. Oh, happy mother's day! It is your day and you can wear anything you want. Red is a good choice.

  14. Happy Mother's Day indeed! Red is a great colour to wear, I agree. Helps too that its many hues suit various skin tones too!

  15. Happy mothers' day! I think red is very catchy and give you a very strong vibe (Y)

  16. Hi dear, I'm the typical mom and I had to be honest to say, I never really thought of red to be worn on a regular basis, coz you are right, many find it sexy and attribute it to being hot. I guess it's time for a change in my closet...

  17. Red is definitely a power color and seen as a positive color in most societies. I love the color but I suspect some people don't wear it because it brings attention to them.

  18. so many lovely fashion display here.. I like red, very striking!~ Happy MOther's day to all mothers out there!

  19. Red is a beautiful colour and can be worn on all moms, single or not. I think red can certainly make you feel sexy, but black is more my speed, LOL.

  20. Happy mother's day! For sure I will see a lot of moms wearing red this coming Sunday.