Face Map: What Your Pimples Telling You

The old Filipino notion, if you have pimples it means you are MUCH IN LOVE...CAN'T SLEEP..CAN'T EAT. 

Well, we have to erase that kind of beliefs.

The Face is the mirror of the soul.

It describes your whole personality and it symbolizes what you hide. This is pertaining particularly to your health.

This is where you can easily admire the look of a person, the outer part of the inner soul. But how about the inner feelings, the one's you are unaware, that often appear on your face. You cannot see it, but others can easily notice it.

According to Chinese tradition, pimples gives you a hint what is going on inside your body.

I saw this video from YOUTUBE


And by the pimples appearing in our face you can already detect what is the cause of its problem and how can we prevent it.

It inspires me to make a post about her VBLOG. The things she said on her video will be posted here for you to read and have it as a guide.

(C) Asian Beauty Secrets


To work with face issues, when you see pimples pop out in your face you will know how to address the problem.

(1) UPPER FOREHEAD. Pimples in the upper forehead means you have a poor digestive system. Your LARGE INTESTINE and BLADDER is in need of a big help, this is due of eating food with a large quantity of toxins.

WHAT TO DO: Try to eat more antioxidant rich foods and drinks, the likes of a GREEN TEA, LEMON WATER, and eat more berries. 

(2) LOWER FOREHEAD. Is associated with MIND & SPIRIT, ooohhh...this is the lifestyle and the spiritual aspect of our life. If you have pimples here, you have problems in sleeping, stress, depression, bad blood circulation, etc...

WHAT TO DO: Sleep early before 11 in the evening. And relax your mind by doing a half bath before sleeping, unwind by watching movies with friends, and try to pray and meditate. Pamper yourself by going to a parlor or a sauna.

(3) NOSE. This is difficult, must need attention because its pertaining the heart, cause by Blood Pressure and Stress.


(4) EYEBROWS. If you see pimples here, it affects your liver. This is due to, you are a diabetes high in fat or too much consumption of alcohol.

WHAT TO DO: So simple, lessen your intake in high fat and alcohol or do not make your liver suffer with too much consumption of fats and alcohol.

(5) EARS. If you have painful pimples on your ears, means that your kidney is not properly well taken care of. Cause by taking so much salt & caffeine, and by not drinking water as well.


WHAT TO DO: You have to drink plenty of water. Cut down the use of salt & caffeine that will clean your kidney to get rid of the pimples.

(6) RIGHT CHEEK. Pimples seen on your right cheek corresponds to the lungs, this is cause by allergies, respiratory stress and smoking.

WHAT TO DO: Avoid smoking or smoking areas. Take good care of your respiratory system. 

This apply with my own experience, take more VITAMINS C.

(7) MOUTH & CENTER OF CHIN. Pimples around the mouth and the center of the chin is link to our STOMACH and SMALL INTESTINE. This is due from eating too much fastfood and constipation.

WHAT TO DO: Eat more fresh fruits and food rich on high fibers, such as vegetables, fruits and whole grain food.

(8) SIDES OF THE CHIN. Pimples at the sides of the chin is link with the reproductive organ and the kidney, often associated with the menstrual cycle or hormonal imbalance or the overwork of kidneys which comes from an extreme amount of stress.



Inspired from the VBLOG of MIA'S Asian Beauty Secrets



  1. This is new to me. This can really help you discover your overall fitness and treatment of the pimples.

  2. i used to have pimples below the chin ,,, hmmm is this real science or coincidence cause i have kidney problem actually

    1. Based in a Chinese tradition medical studies Love Mindanao.

  3. This is interesting information. I never thought of pimples in relation to specific health conditions.

  4. nice post Pal. A long-going Pinoy myth is busted. The Chinese knows more about pimples and facts are stated here.

  5. I often have pimples on the side of my chin and whenever I have one I know my monthly cycle is near na and yes I have read once about having pimple in that area is somewhat connected with the repro or kidney. - KarenT

  6. I didn't know all these until now. Had I knew their meanings when I was young, I could have taken care of myself more.

  7. Didn't know that pimples can tell a lot about the person's health problems or status. My question is, what if a person do have pimples all over his or her face?

    1. That need medical attention already, treatment for acne may depend on how severe and persistent it is. If pimples are still a problem, a health care provider can prescribe stronger treatment for it.