Seriously White Advance Whitening Facial Cleanser

Be seriously white in 7 days.

Hello beautiful friend! I am so excited to reveal one of the gifts I received this Christmas that I am grateful for.

Have you ever heard about Splash Corporation? This company manufactures and markets personal care product. It is composed of wholly owned Philippines companies with business interests in personal care, manufacturing and marketing, international distribution and recently they are into health and wellness product development and marketing. Splash carries the brands like EXTRADERM, MAXI-PEEL, and SKIN WHITE and also the fastest growing skin care brands in the Philippines the BIOLINK.

Now the beauty expert introduce SPLASH DIRECT SALES, a new division dedicated to perfecting the science of beauty and wellness. Though I am not a member yet of their direct selling, I just received a product for FREE from their SERIOUSLY WHITE COLLECTION.



Seriously White Facial Cleanser. It is engineered with BEAU-5 Complex that effectively cleanses pimple-causing, deep-seated oil and dirt from skin, and promotes the decrease in melanin index revealing radiantly lighter skin in just 7 days! 

Seriously enriched with Vitamin B3 and with skin-caring ingredients that helps prevent formation of whiteheads and blackheads.


(1) Using a cotton pad, spread the solution evenly on face and neck.

(2) Do not apply to wounded skin and avoid areas near the eyes.

Approve by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) with an NN-20140318101646 with expiry date 2017-03-18.

Dermatologist-Tested. For external use only.

Though sometimes I lose my patience in reviewing beauty and skin care products because it takes time to see the result. I test the product and try it for a week now and I am happy to see the result. For me, it is not just a cleanser but also a moisturizer, you can feel that your skin is softer and more pliable.

Will I repurchase? Yes! I am satisfied with the result. And happy to share the good news, the positive outcome that product give to my skin.

How about you, have you tried this product from SPLASH?

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*



  1. It's nice that it's both a cleanser and a moisturizer. It can really keep your skin clear and white.

  2. I have never really tried these kind of products because my skin is sensitive but I bet it would work on anyone. I mean, it worked for you. :) The fact that it also moisturizes your skin is a great thing.

  3. How much does the cleanser cost? How about any changes to your complexion since it said "radiantly lighter skin in just 7 days!"?

    1. It cost PHp130. I do have blemishes since I am in my late 30's now, as stated in my SKIN WHITE previous post. And as I see it, within a week blemishes lightly gone.

  4. As what you experienced with Splash products, really it's good company for direct selling. I've known their products three years ago.

  5. SPLASH is really one of the best beauty brands/products in the Philippines. For sure that new product of theirs will become a big hit, specially for the young ladies.

  6. Good thing that Splash corporation is generating new products to satisfy each gal's wishes. Nice review though!

  7. Honestly, I can't take to review artificial and chemical based products. But if you have tried it and it worked for you without any allergies or something, well it might suit you. Make sure that your derma knows of your skin condition and if there are any harmful chemicals in the product.

  8. This is good new to those who would like to achieve fairer and cleaner complexions.

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  10. This is a really good read for me.I like the way you describe all the things and the examples.Thanks.

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