Party Looks this Christmas

Hi guys! I know you are busy preparing for your Christmas Party.  And speaking about parties, this one will never go down from the list...YOUR PARTY LOOKS!

Planning your party looks already? In my case, my group decided to have a THROWBACK THEME PARTY wherein we have to copy the looks from the '20's or the GATSBY LOOK DAYS, the '30's and so forth. The problem is until now I don't know what to wear or what to do with my hair & makeup.

Need to have some inspiration and thanks I have search this post from GLAMOUR HAIR & BEAUTY.

For Makeup I got this look. Love it because of the feminine finish a strong makeup look like Suki Waterhouse's matte crimson lip.

For the hair, I got twined with this two looks.

First the Classic Hollywood look, the waves that added gorgeousness to your bygone look.

And the second look that I like for my hair... Fancy short hair, love the retro style that added appeal to its hair volume.

Need to decide what hairstyle to choose from. Hmmmmm... 

I haven't decided what to wear?!?! OMG! Idea & Inspiration where are you? Another thanks from GLAMOUR FASHION.

The roaring '20s and the Great Gatsby Look are back, this time with a modern touch.

Sequin Dusty Pink Flapper Dress this is so relaxing to wear, very simple and elegant.

Added by accessories: a shoes that looks like this, is PERFECT!

Or what about this dress... black dress is attractive!

with accessories like a Fabrizio Verniani's iconic vanity case.

Oh well, there are lots of things to share, but it is up to you what looks you like to portray during your theme parties.

Whatever it is, I am sure that you are happy with the looks you have.  And ask for me, I have now my idea and style and I hope I will be looking great with it!


  1. Having the Glamour and elegant look would definitely stand out during Christmas.

  2. That black dress with the pretty apple sparkly bag look so great together! I hope you picked those together with the short wavy volumized hair!