Diet After The Holiday's

Parties here and there means food here and there too! Right?  Don't worry there are simple and some easy tips that will help you beat your weight gain if you will religiously follow this it will make you lose weight in a week.

Drink Water

When you feel that you are hungry drink water. People sometimes mistaken thirst for hunger and I am guilty for that. Drinking water helps you feel full, before you go to a party why not sip a glass of water first to add volume and weight to your meal.

Count to 10

Craving last for 10 minutes.  So if you feel that you are craving for food just count 1 to 10, be busy for a 10 minutes break, instead urging yourself to eat why not write something or do a sense of accomplishment.

Eat more often 

As I said from my past post, don't SKIP MEALS. Eight every 3-4 hours with a Light Meal. This will curbs your appetite but help boost your energy, improve moods and even speed your metabolism.

Setting goals and weekly resolutions 

Be discipline enough if you set a goal. It's like that you are making your TIME MANAGEMENT. Every hour is precious, so make your time fruitful. Having a weekly resolutions, by eating at least one piece of fruits daily, every week will help you loss weight.

Add your meal with salsa

Here you can add SALSA to your meal because this spicy condiments can stand in for MAYO that deliver plenty of flavors without the FAT. 

"Salsa dancing is great in losing weight too!"

Easy with alcohol intake 

Alcohol is a source of calories, it has 150 calories for BEER and 85 calories for a 1 glass/125ml of a red wine. The more alcohol intake the risk of gaining weight.


  1. Don't drink on an empty stomach. 
  2. Choose sandwich instead of crisps or chips. Or choose a chicken burger without a mayonnaise instead of kebab with garlic sauce.
  3. Avoid drinking rounds, studies says that drinking rounds can mean you end up drinking more.  Drink out at your own pace.
  4. And if your drinking WHITE WINE, add a splash of soda water to help lower the content.  A glass of a white wine has 77 calories.     

Bottom line here is that if you want to stay healthy for the coming year 2015 and you're trying to lose weight, STICK WITH WATER.

Sources: Readers Digest and NHS Choices

Happy New Year To All!!!! 


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