Beware of Halloween Kids Makeup

They're cute and we adore our kids so much while looking at their costumes and makeup for Halloween.

photo credit: Bill Gracey via photopin cc

Merely as a mother we want our kids to be safe in everything and anything they do. I am just bothered with one article I read about a MAKEUP that contains TOXINS. It states that an ECO-GROUP conduct a trial test and finds out that most of the makeup use during Halloween have a scary compound that are not SAFE for our KIDS, the makeup, masks and props use has antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury.

This so ALARMING for me as a mother of two girls who love to see them dress in a princesses character, doing role play time, and joining HALLOWEEN PARTIES(TRICK or TREAT) and love seeing them putting
makeup(any makeup as long its colorful) to their faces, embracing their imaginations about their make believe characters.


Experts say instead of masks and makeups why not use FACE PAINT and NATURAL PLAY MAKEUP, this is more safer and use always with proper guidance/direction.



Is very fun for any occasion, using colorful, beautiful and all natural kids makeup made from natural ingredients for totally safe and totally fun events.

We spend a lot of money looking for the right makeup for our kids. 

Nice to know that there is a makeup products made in Australia that are safe to use and no harsh artificial colors, the PURE POPPET.

Natural Face Paint

This Face Paint Pack is good for all boys and girls who loves to become characters or to imitate the look of their favorite characters.

Packs include 3 mineral powders, a natural play makeup crayon, 3 stencils for the face and body, and applicators. 

Natural Face Paint Packs


Natural Play Makeup

The kits contains three brightly colored mineral powders that can be applied dry or mixed with water to achieved a face paint look.  A delicious natural lip balm and a Floral Water Spray for a hint of a fragrance plus an applicators to enhance the shading of makeup colors.

Natural Play Makeup Bag


Water Based Nail Polish

Made using a water-based, non-toxic formula specially made for little fingers and toes.

Water based nail polish - single


Mothers need not to worry while their kids are getting into those beautiful and colorful makeup and paints on their faces and nails on their hands because PURE POPPET products are FREE from Ferric Ferrocyanide, artificial dyes, FD&C Colors, talc, Bismuth Oxychloride, mineral oil and paraben preservatives.

Suitable for Ages 4+. 

You can buy these online and choose more for your desired colors and designs. SHOP NOW!

Happy Halloween!!!!


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  1. Useful tips from a Mom :) thank you. I have a niece who's amazed in make up at a young age, she uses crayons to her face, should tell this to her mom.

    1. Better advice them not to use crayons with toxins too. Very dangerous to our little ones, we don't know what will be the effect on their health.

  2. This is a great reminder for everyone, not only for the mothers but also to those who are fond of having a makeup in general. :)

  3. Nice photos! The kids are very cute. Although some are really weird though, I hope nothing will cross the line. I just saw in social media sites that they put costume and make-up on their baby as "Chucky". The baby was holding a knife, even though its only a costume, we should not let them be on that kind of level where it can plant a seed on their baby's consciousness with such things.

    1. I saw that too. Alarming indeed...namimislead yung mga bata.

  4. I always make sure that if my nephews and nieces are using face paints, I will read the content first before I will let them use it.

    1. Yes, that's right. We have to be very careful with the makeup we use for our little kiddos/nephews/nieces,et al...

  5. We were just thinking about buying face paint for Halloween... it was late so we just let it go! Maybe next year... good reference you have here!

    1. Thanks Ms. Gemma. Me too, to late for me to know about their site.

  6. Good thing my wife isn't a fan of make up. She barely uses hers. That said, she didn't put make up to our daughter too during the Halloween party.

  7. Timely tip. It pays to do a little research first. Even the adult make up have toxic compounds.