Eat Six Meals A Day

It all began when I got pregnant with my youngest, resigned from work, becomes a stay home mom and have nothing to do aside from my routine house chores and I fell into a deep depression that I eat and eat a lot.

My body literally craved for food not noticing that I got through all the physical changes, my belly and arms got big!

And when I saw myself in the mirror I said,"This is too much!". This is not me either, my body cries. Needless to say, I felt so lost and alone. I don't know what to do, I didn't have the strength to go on.

Need to change my lifestyle, I finally began putting the pieces of my life back together. I went back by having my own business and become a well-rounded person.  Aside from managing my business, I went to blogging.

Just as early of January of 2014, I notice that even I am in my work and very busy doing my blogging, I am still gaining weight and on May 2014 I got a 148/90 BP (potentially dangerous and considered high-ranking) or so-called the borderline-high.

Yes, I am scared.  That is why I went to a WELLNESS EVALUATION PROGRAM, to consult for a remedy.

I was evaluated last September 8, 2014.

  • PRESENT WEIGHT: 123.2 lbs or 56kg.
  • IDEAL WEIGHT: 103-106
  • FAT: 32.2 or 18kg
  • EXCESS FAT: 11.1% or 6.2kg
  • IDEAL BODY FAT INDEX: 21.1, 24.0,27.7
My body fat index was BAD for a 5'1 Woman age 38.

These are the suggestions, in case I will not get their 10 days Weight Management Program they still give me some hint because according to them it just a minor problem that can be resolve immediately with the Right Nutrition and Proper Eating Habit

The right combination of foods are the most powerful medicine in the world ~ DANETTE MAY.

Yes, I eat a lot, but the problem is I always skip a meal especially my breakfast. And I don't mind what food I eat as long as it is a food I don't have a problem with that. Another thing is, I don't drink the right amount of water, I am more on coffee and softdrinks.

Then my coach said, I need to STOP my ways.  If I want to stay healthy and look good need to follow the program.

And I found out that they use the DANETTE MAY FOOD CLOCK.

Just by eating up to 3-4 hours or up to SIX MEALS A DAY by eating the specific healthy combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats that will literally melt the fat off.

Bit shock with this revelation, contrary to what we believe that we should eat 3x a day half rice, or no rice, or to eat BRUNCH(breakfast-lunch) meal to have a FIT and SEXY body.

Well, we are all wrong.  This is just another way or a tactic of the so called diet companies to make you become overweight because they want us to continue buying their products.  Products like diet pills, diet tea, slimming tea, etc.


These are the main component to have that healthy sexy body. The more we eat, the more we burn fats.

I am sharing with you a sample of a SIX MEALS DAY PLAN.


Start your BREAKFAST at 8AM.


photo credit: i be GINZ via photopin cc

Veggie Omelet
this is nice for a morning breakfast, a combination of tasty eggs and veggies and a cup of rice if you want.

photo credit: hepp via photopin cc

Berry Milkshake:
very high in delicious fat-burning protein and antioxidants.

By 11-12 NOON you should have your LUNCH.
photo credit: vanherdehaage via photopincc

Savory Chicken Pizza:
tasty protein and carb.

photo credit: eyemadequiet via photopin cc 

Peanut Butter Ice Cream:
this tasty treat will actually burns out fat.

By 3PM have your
photo credit: raffik via photopin cc 

BBQ Burger: 
good juicy burger boost your energy so you need to eat protein and carb. 

photo credit: laurafletcher via photopin cc

Then by 6PM have your DINNER.

Baked Lime Chicken Wing:
You will love every sumptuous healthy tangy bite together with a 1 cup of rice.


By 9 in the evening you can have a Mini Dinner this time without rice.

photo credit: lemon168 via photopin cc 


Thai Chicken with Lettuce Wraps:
satisfy your spicy   craving with this delicious   and healthy dish. 


And lastly, if you want a healthy MIDNIGHT SNACK. Try this recipe.

Banana Coconut Crepes

 photo credit: chotda via photopin cc 

*Don't forget to drink water daily, drinking water will reward you by shedding extra pounds of fat.

In my case, referring to my evaluation I have to drink 12oz of water for 12 times(12:12), to decrease my FAT.

*Don't skip breakfast! People who regularly eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who skip their morning meal. 

Just continue eating every 3-4 hours that is the SIX MEALS A DAY PLAN, this will help your body and brain get a steady stream of nutrients so you don't go overboard at mealtime. 

I'm on my 1st week of religiously following the meal plan. So don't worry if you eat too much because after that you need to exercise in order to burn more fats. I will post my 7 Minutes Exercise later.

Soon I will post my BEFORE and AFTER photo here in order to see the effectiveness of the plan.



  1. Six meals a day for a healthier you. Sounds good to me.

  2. I think more meals in smaller chunks allows the body enough time to digest it.

  3. Eating 6 times a day..well, it's good for me. But the thing is the food intake. It's good for you to have this plan to tone down body image.

  4. I've read and known this through the internet and from some friends years ago. Many celebs are doing this... though I haven't tried it myself. Maybe this is the time:) Love the dishes you presented:)
    Jeni G of Kalikotpepot

  5. Thank you for sharing your best fat burning routine. I'll tell this to my sister

  6. wow for the merienda you had there, sis. hahaha! What I usually do is to drink more water.. and.. planking (inhale-exhale)

  7. The foods the that you eat are full of carbohydrates and sweets :) Looks like your enjoying :)