What an amazing story appearing on my Facebook timeline, a dress made of a loom band.

(C) Helen Wright/SWNS.COM

Yes! A dress made of a thousand loom bands by Kathryn Burnand, who does not work because of a disability but despite of her situation she decided to make a dress a go! 

It was woven together with a 24,000 loom bands for almost 2 months creating an amazing LOOM BAND DRESS.  Her multicolored dress with a size 4 was posted by her friend Helen Wright on ebay for a bidding war, with a starting price of £50. 

Now it has been bid online at ebay for £170,100.00.


The craze for loom bands has been entirely trending here in our country, the Philippines. And almost of the kids here in my place loves to make bracelets, hair ornaments, ring etc..all are made of loom bands. But this is new, it is very unique and fashionably made.

Though she assert that the dress is not very nice to wear because it is heavy and all the plastic bands are quite uncomfortable to wear as well.

Well what is fashion for?  Fashion is something to wear comfortably or uncomfortably it is up to you on how you carry it to make it more easy.

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  1. amazing loombands dress! even here in malaysia i see loombands everywhere! and i even see them in foreigners

  2. That must have been tough to make but looks like it's selling high.

  3. I've been hearing a lot about this loom band dress on eBay and I have to say it's getting pretty crazy!! Whoever's selling this is about to come into a humungous fortune! Haha! :D

  4. What a productive move for her! And look at now, the bid is getting higher!

  5. Saw this trending on FB as well! I hope it really does sell for a high amount since a lot of hard work was put into creating that. And if she's disabled, she def needs that money! God bless her. 

  6. I really love this loom band dress, it's stylish and unique and it takes a lot of time and patience, no wonder it's expensive. People might duplicate the feat but it would take a lot of effort, not to mention loombands to create such a perfect loom band dress. :)