Time to SWAP by TOMATO

TOMATO is not just a brand name but a LIFESTYLE that signifies product quality. By selling fashion items that gives fun and satisfaction to the buyers. To show off not just what you feel about the brand, but what people will say about the product.

This is one of the many reasons why
consumers especially the teenagers love TOMATO very much! 

They don't stick to one product item but also engaged in trading and retailing apparel, accessories and fashion lifestyle products like BAGS and WATCHES like SWAP.

One of their watches called SWAP gives a big shout out in the fashion industry. Why? Because there are great selections to choose from styles, colors and designs that you will love to express your lifestyle!


Teenagers enjoy the thought of having it like this, giving them the opportunity to pick out something for their own and express one selves idea and creativity.  

And as one of Miss Teen Philippines major sponsors they give each candidates 1 SWAP Starter Kit Watches.

STARTER KIT for only PHp1000
Thanks SWAP!!!

And for you to enjoy SWAP, they have an introductory offer of 50% discount for their Design-It-Yourself category SWAP watches. This will be until July 2, 2014! 

So hurry avail of their BIG DISCOUNT...it's Time to SWAP now!

click here: Time to SWAP by TOMATO

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