SUMMER FASHION COLLECTION of Miss Teen Philippines 2014-Davao Regional Finalists

When the Top 5 Mindanao Regional Finalists of Davao for Miss Teen Philippines 2014 has chosen, I admit I actually have a difficult time to make a Summer Activities for them.

Teen's Lifestyle now a day is way different in terms of fashion and trends.  And as their Davao Event Organizer, I hold to be very particular in giving them inside information on what to wear and how to act in front with the public.

Giving them activities for this summer as part of the Miss Teen Philippines agenda, I added the Summer Fashion for Teen's Photoshoot to their schedules. 

A collection of who they are by bringing their own clothes styles reflecting their beliefs, behavior, and interests that best describes the youth of today.

Top 5 Miss Teen Philippines Mindanao-Davao Regional Finalists.

Candidate #1.  

Sporty and Bubbly Trixie

15 years old
Ateneo de Davao University
High School Department

Wearing a flashy and fun sports wear, reflects here character as a sporty bubbly girl that's up for a laugh anytime.  You will never see a sad face, she's always smiling and wanting to meet new friends in spite of her "MALDITA" look.

Candidate #2. 

Sophisticated and Classy Niña

18 years old
University of Mindanao

A girl that don't need to start a drama to get attention. Wearing a floral shift dress that is very trendy for today's teenager reflects a quality that best describe Niña, a lady like that portray the best thing that she can possess. Having that self-esteem, an energy and purpose and to receive that good social skills.

Candidate #3.

Wit and Grace Danna

16 years old
F. Bangoy National High School

Pure heart young lady as you see Danna. The intelligence, quickness of mind and the liveliness of spirit she had described her as who is the person she will become in the future. The grace she will bring to her family, smooth and controlled, polite young teenage girl, even in choosing the manner of dress she's going to wear so simple and behaving in a pleasant way.

Candidate #4.

Jolly and Friendly Belle

14 years old
F. Bustamante National High School

Looking at her add your day so perfectly great! A young lad who loves to talk about everything, no wonder she grab the special award, Miss Congeniality. Wearing colorful tops and floral skirt only to draw her own style of who she was.   

Candidate #5.

Demure and Chic Ivory

13 years old
M'lang National High School

So reserved, modest and a shy type of a girl. Like the way she dresses her own fashion not to attract attention, not showy or flashy, but have that chic style with smart of elegance and sophistication of taste, very distinctive and superb.

These are their own SUMMER FASHION COLLECTION that contains clothes and dresses that best describe their own taste in apparel. The uniqueness that implies their characteristics, a very remarkable thing as a part of their TEENAGE LIFESTYLE.

The photoshoot was held at the Davao Crocodile Park, one of Davao's Miss Teen Philippines major sponsors. This activity will not be possible without the help of the Michelle Canda Photography Team and SAMIGUEL-Art and Photography.

Likewise, watch MINDANAO TRAVEL CHANNEL, Channel 31 SKYCABLE as our TEEN'S take part their talent in conveying through a local media network. 

Special thanks also to Mr. Philip Dizon, Mindanao Travel Channel Team and Nicolle Evaretta.

Miss Teen Philippines Grand Coronation Night is set on May 31 at the PICC, and will be aired over TV5. 


  1. They are really very pretty and have their individual edge and identity.

    1. Yes Franc and they simply imply their own styles too! :)

  2. Yay! All pretty and very charming candidates! :)

  3. They all very good looking indeed!

  4. They are all so pretty the selection committee did a great job in choosing them.

  5. Trixie and Ivory are cute. They look more mature as teens. Maybe it's because of the makeup.

  6. Niña looks very pageant from posing to her looks! goodluck to her beauty contests in the future all of them looks gorgeous though

  7. Wow you look nice and very sexy! All I can say is "Is there more?" = )

  8. Each one has her own beauty. I bet my month's earnings for Candidate # 3. Excellent summer activity for then to indulge.

  9. They all look so lovely and very fitting for the pageant! <3