Who loves shopping? Well, I'm certain that most of us loves to shop that's our way of making our self stress free, especially for the dames.

How about buying online? 

Well, here as you see in the infographic sample I have posted, it seems that the average American woman spends at least 400 Dollars just by engaging themselves into an online shopping annually. 
How they do that?

If you have a debit or a credit card, then you can go shopping online. By proceeding to the online site, just search the product item you desire then you can purchase it.  So easy, isn't it? 

photo credit: StormKatt via photopin cc

Oh well, I so love shopping online but know your limits in shopping.

Question arises, is it safe to SHOP ONLINE?!? I have here some of my personal tips that will help you to be safe while shopping online.

Be vigilant to avoid online crimes. Today, I only shop at SECURE WEB SITES.  What I do is to RESEARCH the site before ordering. And don't forget to read the site's PRIVACY and SECURITY POLICIES.  You must avoid the COOKIES and BEHAVIORAL MARKETING.

What is Cookies and Behavioral Marketing?

Okay, I'll give you a sample scenario (this is just an example):

You're buying a cocktail dress from ZALORA, then go visit the COCKTAIL DRESSES site, purchase the dress at MANGO, and search online for COCKTAIL DRESS near your home. When you do, you will see a COOKIE or in your computer's Internet Protocol(IP) address could be used to generate Cocktail Dresses ads. When you open your Yahoo Mail, you will receive an ad offering you cocktail dresses at a discount. Got my example?  You're behavioral marketing profile has been shared with others, without you knowing.

The safest way to do buying online is to have a debit/credit card.  If the event something goes wrong, you are protected.  In my case, I use PAYPAL.  Never give your Social Security Number, merchant will never ask for it though.  But you can divulge your real name and address for your item to be delivered, DISCLOSE ONLY the BARE FACTS.  Always keep your PASSWORD PRIVATE.  Check the WEBSITE ADDRESS, never click any link that your not sure and secure, don't fall for any PHISHING MESSAGES.  And lastly always have a PRINT COPY of your ORDERS.

Take time to review these tips on what to do in buying online in order to have the best experience possible.  And be on guard with your SAVINGS.  Know your LIMITS as I say, don't buy and buy if it is not important.  





  1. thanks for the safe tips.. I like this kinds of tips because it teaches people not to be careless online

  2. I like the verisign technology in place and online security have been increased already to make online transaction safer.

  3. i can say one of the helpful post i saw on blog in fbw... really worth to read and really thankful for this because im also shopaholic online. bookmark this too.

    1. Thanks Kate. We need to be very vigilant in terms of this because our money is at stake.

  4. Awareness and knowledge are the two most valuable traits in dealing with online shopping. Nice tips you posted here.

  5. Knowledge is power pa din even in online shopping, wag basta basta, ingat and discipline din.