Christmas malls are selling their products at a lower cost price.  They are bustling on a "YEAR END SALE" signs everywhere.

How to become a smart spender is to buy product after CHRISTMAS.

I should know that because I once have worked in a shopping mall and as for a savvy shopper they should know that some items are actually with a better deal if you shop after the holiday season.


size: 2g

I bought this for only PHp50.  Is that a big savings I get?  Yes indeed!  Because its original price is PHp270.

And as far as I know about MAYBELLINE ANGELFIT Product it is exclusively distributed here in Asia and one of Maybelline's best products as well.

So let us go with my review. ;;)

I am not fond of using blush-on with a brush, I already got my explanation from my other post that brush irritate my skin. I am more comfortable employing a liquid blush-on that you can easily drift into your face and off you go. 

And some of the colors in a compact looks scary when you used it because they are so highly pigmented.

But I was wrong with this one. The LUMINOUS CHEEK BLUSH THAT NATURALLY BRIGHTENS UP AND SCULPTS YOUR FACE...is way different from the other compact blushes I've come across.

  • The radiant pearls and pure color pigments that diffuse light and highlight naturally complexion with luminous color.
  • Ultra blendable refined powders which is perfectly to your skin.
  • Expert brush that enables quick and easy application.


Comes in a clear transparent pink plastic case with a tiny cheek brush inside the package. Small that you can easily bring wherever you go as long you need to look great! 

The color is a mix of pink and peach. Pretty and natural that adds nice pinkish sheer and glow to your face as what you can read at the back of the product. It looks natural. 

Though it is quite pigmented if you apply it many times on your cheeks. Just apply it once or twice, do not exceed you will look like a clown. :O):)>-


The texture of the powder is actually excellent. Be careful if you happen to drop the blush as the powder tends to break and crack easily.


Pretty love the brush it is soft and handy. As I used it, it never irritates me or give me skin rashes. =D>  ^:)^

Wooden Rose in a suggested retail price is expensive, but this is a top-notched product that most makeup artists and celebrities love MAYBELLINE blushes.

I don't regret buying it, though I get big savings from it. And yet if it will go back to its original price I will still buy it back.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. I buy Maybelline products, too, but I haven't tried Wooden Rose Angelfit Brighten Up Blush yet. I want a natural-looking blush-on like that! -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

  2. nice post! maybe i'll have this for my mom.

  3. Carlo: Wow such a big savings. Thanks for sharing this. And nice to read your blog

  4. Carlo: That was a great savings. Thanks for sharing this. I now have an idea on what to give to my Mom

  5. Haven't tried Maybeline products yeat but I think it's worth the try, thanks for the post and will surely try the soonest!

  6. I want to try this and I hope that i won't have an allergic reaction unlike with Mineral Make Up

  7. Maybelline has been an established brand for beauty so this should be a good buy for ladies.

  8. Maybelline has been an established name for beauty so this should be a great buy for ladies.

  9. I've used different Maybelline products already, but I've never tried any of their blushers yet! This shade looks pretty though and perfect for probably any skin tones.

    Btw, I definitely agree with you about shopping after the holidays. Last December, I just bought gifts for my family and friends, but I'm saving the gifts for myself after the holiday rush. Next week, SM North will be holding its Great Northern Sale! Tamang tama!

  10. Wow, I actually haven't tried this one yet but hopefully - soon! That was pretty cheap for 50php ha!

  11. I hope you can post how it actually looks when applied! I'd love to try this product :)

  12. What a steal! I hope you can post how it actually looks when applied. I'd love to try this product. Maybelline has nice BB Creams so I think this one is good too.

  13. wow! I'm pretty impressed with the whole packaging of this product Pal!