Olay Natural White Light All in One Fairness Day Cream - Review

As we age, we can find out that our skin is also changing.  It is a sign that our skin sheds cells more slowly.

Notice your skin becomes dry and dense in color even if you're pregnant or not. Fine lines around key areas such as eyes and mouth are already visible. Wrinkles starts to form.

I'll be 38 this year, and being in my late 30's I've already gone through the loosening of my skin tone, the puffiness around my eyes, the dullness of my skin complexion, and also experience weight changes.

FOR 30's something skin we need more moisturizer to prevent our face from wrinkles. Upgrade our beauty skin care regimen into something more hydrating, light and with non-greasy formula.


PHp79 size: 20g
Also available in 40g pack sizes and a 7.5gm sachet

It has a triple nutrient systems ++++++:

  1. Vitamin B3 or Niacin or Niacinamide is a water soluble ingredient that helps to prevent skin from losing water content and to stimulate circulation of the skin.  And from the recent studies, it also improves the appearance of wrinkles and skin discoloration or dullness of skin tone, reduces redness and improves skin elasticity.
  2. PRO B5 acts as a skin moisturizer, keeping the skin soft, smooth, and healthy.
  3. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and a skin-conditioning.  It is essential for the maintenance of a healthy skin.
  4. PLUS+++++++ UV Sunscreen Ingredients that protect skin from harmful UV rays.  

Application Instructions

Use TWICE DAILY after cleansing your face and neck. Just apply a small amount all over face and neck. 

Gently massage circularly in motion.


  • It moisturizes the skin well.
  • It lighten tone in regular usage.
  • Very light and non-greasy.
  • Smells good, it's smells like a peanut.
  • Good for combination skin type.
  • It can be use as a face primer.
  • Very affordable. You can buy it in your favorite sari-sari store for a 7.5gm sachet
  • 20g tube, very handy.
  • SPF is not indicated in the package.
  • Not good for very oily skin.


I know that there is no product that can stop our skin ageing but we have this product that can visibly improve our skin looks.

Using the product for almost two years now and I love the result.  And I super agree with the other Olay users, that this is EFFECTIVELY OLAY!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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  1. Yes, truly Olay products are very excellent for women's skin and body. You can feel the softness all throughout day and night. Nice piece for beauty program.

  2. Yay! My my mom loves Olay so much! Sobrang gusto nya yung effect kasi I remember nung bata palanga ako Olay na ginagamit nya:)

  3. OHHH, not suitable for oily skin and I wish there's a sun screen protection too but overall it sounds a really great product from Olay! :D

    1. Yes, Michael because the cream seems to be oily after an hour.

  4. Olay has been taking care of women for decades which just proves their quality and stability of their product.

  5. You look like only in the early 30s. Mom is also using the same Olay product and my grandmother is a fan of Olay.

    1. Thanks sis. Same here my mother and my aunts use Olay since then. I am just following their beauty skin regimen. :)

  6. I've known Olay almost all my life because my grandma was a heavy user. Me, I make it a point to a) patronize pinoy, and b) be as natural as possible. So, what I use if virgin coconut oil for my skin.

  7. My mom also uses Olay and you can really see the effect.. it is indeed one of the best brands in the market today.. :)

  8. Olay is indeed a classic brand all of the ladies in the family are using it from my lola to my tita's and now me..

  9. Iba talaga nagagawa ng Olay, nakakapagpaganda at pakinis ng balat. No wonder marami ang gumagamit nito - Carlo

  10. nice review!! i used most of olay products as well, like i think 3 of them from olay. i kinda like sticking to just one product and this one gives me satisfaction

  11. Is it safe to use Olay natural white light all in one fairness during pregnancy?

  12. Is it safe to use Olay natural white light all in one fairness during pregnancy? I've been using it for a year and now na pregnant po ako nagaalala po ako kung safe pa rin ba sya.

    1. Hello Cha, sorry for the late reply. As far as I know, Olay Natural Light is approved by dermatologists, but for safety concern I better not use product that contain retina, because it is known to cause defects. You can use topical Salicylic acid but any oral form, like asprin, is a known to harm the fetus. See link here: http://www.babycenter.com/0_safe-skin-care-during-pregnancy_1490031.bc