How To Apply Makeup For A Natural Look (Oily Combination Skin)

There are so many articles about on HOW TO APPLY MAKEUP FOR A NATURAL LOOK.  Trying to use all of their styles and techniques, but it seems it doesn't work well with my skin type. 

I came out with this post on how to apply makeup for the oily skin that will come out beautifully natural. Just because I have this oily skin it doesn't mean I don't have the time to forever use my makeup on my face.

I want to have that natural look.  

I want to wear makeup without worrying how I look.



PREPARE THE NEEDED MATERIALS. Take out all your makeup materials and skin care products.


If you have oily skin,you have to PRIME the oiliest areas of your face.  Remember the T-ZONE: forehead, nose and chin.  Here I use as my primer, my most trusted OLAY NATURAL WHITE all in one fairness day cream with combined effect of fairness cream, spot remover, moisturizer and have that UV Protection to protect skin from harmful rays of the sun.

PRIMER helps everything to stay put.

*PRIMER TIMELINE DISPOSAL: should be use only for 1 year.  Same as with the moisturizer.


Using my ever FASHION 21 PERFECT STICK as my foundation and at the same time my concealer.

Be sure that it matches your skin by having it test on your skin by dabbing a few marks on your cheeks, neck and angles of your face to see the difference.

In my case, I use PERFECT STICK from Fashion 21.  What I love about this product is that it is very affordable and it really gives me the desired perfection I want for my face, because I have an oily-combination skin I don't have to worry after I put powder, because it doesn't create patches.

*FOUNDATION and CONCEALER TIMELINE DISPOSAL: use only for 1 year, for concealer in a tube and does not have an applicator. 6 months for the foundation that are cream and pancakes.


Apply powder just on the areas that are shiny.  Here I use BYS LOOSE POWDER Light to Medium, this is suitable to all skin types. The fine reflecting particles of the powder will give you soft, natural appearance you want to achieve.  I just use brush to damp small amount of loose powder on the shiny areas of my face.

But if you happen to put too much powder on your face, dampen a makeup sponge and just blot it.

*POWDER TIMELINE DISPOSAL: 6 months use for face powder which had brushes or sponges that has contact with the product.  


Most of the makeup training/workshop I have attended teach us to put two or more three shades of eyeshadow for a natural look.

Here I use three shades of eyeshadow, two from BYS EYESHADOW COSMETICS for my base a light neutral tone all over my eyelid and just above my crease.

Secondly, I use slightly darker to softly line the top lid and outline of my crease.

Thirdly, I use another lighter shade from Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Cosmetics.

Just to blend the colors and to come up with a natural look and to make my eyes look wider and brighter.

*EYESHADOW TIMELINE DISPOSAL: 6 months for eye foundation, eye creams, eye bases, cream eye shadows, or any other cream or gel bases item for the eyes.  But for powder and cake eye shadows you can use it as needed. 


Actually, I really hate using liquid eyeliner because I always failed in lining it, one eye always turns out better compare to the other. But when I have BYS LIQUID WATERPROOF EYELINER worry no more.  BYS makes it a lot easier, I am more confident doing it by myself.

*EYELINER PENCIL and LIQUID EYELINER TIMELINE DISPOSAL: for liquid eyeliner use it for 3 months.  For pencil eyeliner you can use it as needed providing it doesn't harden.


Natural look doesn't mean you have to forget your eyebrows.

Here I use BYS BROWN BROW LINER. Very soft, subtle and it is a long wearing brow. Be sure in choosing shades for your eyebrow it should be darker with your hair that if your brows is fair. But if you have darker hair, go two shades lighter.  Here's my tutorial on how to fill your eyebrows, CLICK HERE


Be careful in curling your eyelashes. 

Ensure that your lashes are clean and dry.

In curling your lashes be sure that your eyes are open, slowly close the curler and hold the closed curler for a slow count of five then release.  You can do it again as long as you get your desired volume.


Just apply one coat of mascara.  And if you are satisfied with the previous step, just skip this one. Here I use BYS Volume and Lengthening Mascara.

*MASCARA TIMELINE DISPOSAL: Use it only for 3 months.


If I use bronzer it will make me more darker in color.  The purpose of a bronzer is to darken the complexion.

But as far as I know, if you have fair skin look for a honey-colored bronzer.  For a medium skin look for a rose-bronze or gold flecked bronzer and dark skin are most match with the tawny and amber bronzer.

Pinker bronzer match with blondes and orange bronzer are good for brunettes.

And since I don't have that honey-colored bronzer, I use the pink bronzer from CARELINE.  I taught it will only work with the blond ones, the result is so perfect for me.  I love it...  I look so refreshingly young!



My all time carry-on liquid blush-on from AVON- Simply Pretty.

I use liquid blush-on since I have an oily combination skin type.  It has a formulas that have a staying power and work best for oily skin

Liquid blush is also good for a natural look, but this product is so tricky to apply.  You must have that knowledge on how to apply this perfectly.  See video HERE.


Filipina love wearing red and pink lipsticks but we have to avoid using chalky lipsticks or shiny lip glosses. Better use lip pencil or lip stain because it is more natural in look and it lasts all day.

Here I choose waterproof glitter pink pencil from DAVIS COLOR Cosmetic Pencil, good quality China made cosmetic. Actually it is a duo pencil that can be use in the eye and lips.



CONCLUSION: GO OIL-FREE as much as possible.  Since our skin naturally produces enough oil, we should invest more on makeup products that are OIL-FREE especially with our foundation and blush.

Choose products that are NONCOMEDOGENIC or products that don't clog our pores.

And lastly, because going to DERMATOLOGISTS is expensive, why not try to have your own treatment by using TREATMENT MASK.  You can do this once or twice a week just to reduce excess oil in our face.

Use products that have KAOLIN or BENTONITE CLAY that are best for oily skin types.


*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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  1. Great tips! I have the opposite problem - DRY skin. But, I'm always looking for a natural look.

    1. Thanks mommasbacon. Next time I am going to post a topic for dry skin also.

  2. Pretty! I love your brows by the way and I have never seen that particular blush. I always use powder. This seems to work very well. Overall it's a wonderful look. thanks for all the details!

  3. Holy Cow I think you covered it all! Great pictures and I love the tips about eyes- That's where I need help!