Fysiko Eyelash Growth Serum: Second Day Application

My first application works great so I decided to try another application for my day-to-day review of this product.

Second day, May 17. After my second application I experience something itchiness on my upper right eyelid. FYSIKO eyelash growth serum is formulated to be non-irritating. As the instructions say,if there is something not good stop using the product first and apply Aloe Vera non-irritating lotion and wait until redness, irritation or itchiness disappeared. In my case there is no redness or irritation only itchiness. I still follow the guidelines, thank God my mom use Aloe Vera non-irritating petroleum jelly and hurriedly apply it to my upper right eyelid.  It works, itchiness gone.

I only apply once and I've never exceeded using it.  

This day I've noticed that my lashes in the upper lid corner are growing.  Compared from my past photo(see picture here).  Maybe that explains why there is itchiness in my upper eyelid because of hair growing.

As I promise, I will be doing an update post about this product with photos for comparison to see how it works day by day, weeks by weeks.

You can visit their website for more info, FYSIKO' LASHES

*I was financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* 

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  1. I find long eyelashes attractive, but although my eyelashes are short, I have never attempted to try a product to make them longer. I think the product you used is working, so good luck. I hope you achieve the result you're expecting.

  2. This is interesting but I haven't tried any eyelash serum yet. I'm just afraid that it may cause me allergies. I hope you get to achieve long lashes. Let us know.

  3. once upon a time I wished to have long eyelashes but I didn't know there's serum for it nowadays.