I won a shopping voucher from TMART so happy to know that I got the prize!

What to do next is to visit TMART website.  I'm an old member here so I've signed in through my FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.

Excited to choose an item because there is no purchase limit just choose an item then enter your VOUCHER CODE, that's it.

I choose British Popular Institute Wind Restoring Ancient Ways Multi-purpose Backpack.

Price is PHp662.38 but I have my voucher code, I only pay PHp32.74:

It states there ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS or 48 HOURS may be needed for some items.

The item was purchased Feb.20, been waiting for more than 48 hours no item arrives.  So I made an email to TMART inquiring about my purchase. And here is their reply:

They give me this site 17TRACK to track my item's whereabouts by using my TRACKING NUMBER.

It said here that my item is being transported now.

See you soon BAG!  Excited to see you in person....hahahahahaha!!!!


  1. Congratulations for winning that voucher code! The bag you chose has great vibrant color that will brighten up any outfit. :)

  2. Wow, you do win a lot of things but it's good you were able to get it soon after you followed it up.

  3. Yay! COngratz on winning. SUch a great discount. It really helps you when shopping online. And the bag is cute. Nice choice.

  4. Wow, you really love to shop online. I would like to give Tmart a try. He he

  5. I'm not familiar with Tmart , I looks like amazon right? The bags looks really good. Grats.

  6. congrats. Cute bags!

  7. hahaha... 1 month of longing and eagerness... i hope the wait will reward you. anyway, paying 32 pesos is already a big plus. congrats. Yahweh bless. ralph

  8. wow congrats!! I'm gonna check the site soon.. hopefully get a coupon too!!! :)

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  10. Cool bag! I like it!

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