Heard so much of Androgyny word today.

...BB Gandanghari, the former Rustom Padilla doesn’t want to label his sexual orientation and would rather describe himself as “androgyny in process.”
What does it mean?  Well according to my best friend Webster, ANDROGYNY derived from a Greek words aner, andr- man and gyne means woman. Referring to the combination of MASCULINE and FEMININE Characteristics.  Maybe in SEXUAL IDENTITY, SEXUAL LIFESTYLE or in FASHION.

It really matters on a personality and lifestyle of a person where she/he wanted to belong.  It's a personal choice on what to become just like in choosing what kind of fashion suits you.

But today's trend is so very interesting and intriguing.  Many changes have been made including the way to dress, from ambiguous

sexual and physical attributes to a focus on gender-crossing fashion.  Maybe this ANDROGYNY TREND now will tell us that what MAN can do WOMAN can or vice-versa.

As we look at the fashion of ANDROGYNY and how women's fashion taken a masculine turn and the changes that we can see on how men dress and look like a woman it clearly define that our SOCIETY "ACCEPT" the changes.

In fashion a woman wearing a pantsuit is common to us but a man wearing a dress is not so acceptable but as fashion changes it make sense.

 photo credit: philippe leroyer via photo pin cc

Now the fashion industry was embracing models like Androgynous model ANDREJ PEJIC.

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It is nice knowing that this is already acceptable to fashion world:  gay or bisexual, alluring to both sexes, physically either muscular or androgynous slight.


  1. I was able to watch that interview in Bandila and Rustom has indeed made a very dramatic transformation. Women can wear pants but men can't wear skirts. Makes you think but I'd still rather have it that way.

    another new word for me.
    But whatever term one may define
    their kind of gender, they are still
    HUMAN and deserve to be respected
    and never discriminated.

  3. I've seen a lot of androgenous models on TV..They look like female models, as in :)

  4. It's clearer now, boyfriend shirts and blazers belong to Androgynous Fashion! I like it though, the idea of dressing up like a man even if you are a girl. It somehow brings out the creativity of fashionistas, doesn't it?

  5. In the fashion world, everything is possible and we should respect every individual for what they portray... I just hope that fashion lovers will wear something that is not that too much or shocking especially to when exposed to young minds :)

  6. This is sad that this is getting into the minds of the men there in Philippines. I suppose Rustom can afford all the high maintenance of his body.

  7. Thanks so much for taking time to read my blog. Your views and opinions are very well respected.

  8. The androgynous are usually much prettier than the real girl model in the fashion world. They look more like a real lady.

  9. I didn't know there's a term for this kind of art/fashion.

  10. i love the androgynous look.. spunky and feisty!!

  11. The Fall Fashion cover surprised me. She's beautiful :) Either way, I love how the fashion industry could reallu mix and match things up.