The Signs Will Guide Them

Figuring out how to become a mother (and then actually doing it) is demanding both physically and mentally.  Though back then I was sure I was alone in these feelings, I now know that's not true. Mothering takes softness, strength, and awe but it also involves suffering and sadness; despair; conflict; breakdowns and build-ups; learning to hold on and learning to let go. We suffer guilt: from not being there, from being there too much. It takes work to not lose yourself.

Overworked and stressed out,  Yes that's me.  Kids and work have to balance it.  While on my shop attending and managing it all alone well that is a big risks for me.  But it CHALLENGES me to work hard better.  Balancing the needs and the care of my children are the best thing to do first.

The most rewarding parts of mothering can be the easiest to let pass us by. But through our children, we can regain some of the wonder we may have lost as jaded adults.

I love my work much as I love my kids more.  What I am doing is for their own good, to have a good and bright future.  I want to give them the best.  As long I am living and as long the signs are their to follow I will do my best to give them all what they wanted.