GIVE YOUR FEET A BREAK: Toengs Barefoot Sandals

Though summer ended it doesn't mean we will stop 

the FUN splurging in water.  Have that fashion on the 

beach,  Walk barefoot for a cause. Walk barefoot with 


TOENGS beach barefoot sandals are basically “thongs for the toes” 

hence, the name TOENGS.  Initial collection consists of intricately crocheted designs and 

whimsically sewn fabrics made from only the highest quality materials. All of which embody 

style that is all together FEMININE, FEARLESS and FREE.  Since ancient times, 

adornments for the different parts of the human body have been known: Necklace for the 

neck, earrings for the ears, headband for the head and so on. So we thought, why not 

TOENGS for the TOES?!  After all, it is actually the feet that take us to  where we want to 

be and they, too, deserve to be rightfully adorned.

The FIRST and the ONLY barefoot 

sandal brand in Asia and probably in 

the world. The company was built 

around hopes of reviving traditional 

Filipino arts and crafts and spicing it 

up to meet the demands of the 

modern day fashionistas. 

 Committed to social responsibility, 

excellence and integrity.  With great 

pride to continue to strive in 

order to sustain precious gift in 

the handcrafted arts.

Pictures here are some examples of 

their product from their 8 MAJOR 



Available in 5 different colors.

With this wonderful product, relieve yourself from stress and give your 

feet a break......Have this stressful free toengs beach sandal for your 

feet NOW!!!!!


You can visit their Facebook Page: Toengs Barefoot Sandals
or by adding them toengs philippines

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  1. I hope they come up with a guy version of the sandals that generate the comfort of a lightweight sandal.

  2. Wow, that's a lot of designs to choose from ♥

    My grandma doesn't like me barefoot around the house though ;3

  3. The designs are pretty, however this only works on sandy beaches.

  4. Those things are nice, I will tell my officemates to try now that we are going to Britania Island Surigao this weekend =)

  5. Looks really cute. Too bad that it's only meant for beachwear.

  6. So cool..perfect for beach strolling! :)

  7. wow. nice designs. I might try my "hidden talent" in crocheting and create one of those :)

  8. i love this but my feet doesn't look so flattering in those kinds of shoes.

  9. Nice looking sandals. Looks cool.

  10. my top priority ob my body is feet. they are the most abused part of us.. so whenever I buy shoes, i wanted them to make feel comfortable. its just that I cant resist the idea of wearing heels. - its a need for my work.

  11. this is so cool. perfect for skinny feet. love the crocheted ones.

  12. bare foot sandals , huh . the designsand colors are great, ang cute sa paa.

  13. These are very pretty and appeals to the feminine side of women which is sometimes relegated to the background in the name of practicality.

  14. these are too pretty. Perfect timing since we are hitting the shores in two weeks! :)

  15. those look gorgeous!! its nice of kids as well when their playing in the playground stylish! xx

  16. I love the look. Are they comfy though for long walks?

  17. Yes, it's very comfy when you are on the beach.

  18. I can do this! I love to crochet...but I have ugly feet (sniff)