REVEAL ME: KAYE ABAD Finally this JUNE 2012

Kaye Abad, our favorite Pinay girl-next-door, is going down in FHM history as the cover girl of June 2012. Finally! We thought it would be brilliant to have Kaye donning the most un-Eds-like clothes (or, um, lack thereof) in a familiarly tranquil pastoral scene that reflects her equally calm and collected state of mind.

And so we went to the tranquil pastoral scene, never mind it's three hours away. Never mind that a freaky woman with a rusty itak, who wouldn’t stop smiling at us, inhabited the plot of land in question. And it was also a pretty cool with us to watch our citified shoot crew cope with relentless heat and having to watch for snakes every time we took a piss in the talahib.  

But Kaye, there she was, never once complaining about the heat, laughing daintily at our warnings about horse-poo booby traps and itchy grass. In the stressful lead-up to July’s Sexiest, we were able to kick back and enjoy some sunshine with the girl on TV we’d always wanted to get to know more about (and see more of—now here we are).

Other than Kaye’s sun-kissed beauty in FHM’s calm-before-the-Sexiest-storm June issue, get a load of all the ways you can commute in our fair country, experience the life of a basketball hugot, figure out the smartest way to wear a suit, and find out exactly how your woman wants you to pleasure her. 

Link from FHM Philippines