R-Dynasty Matina Branch

I'm a huge fan of this beauty shop in my city, but I waited to try R-Dynasty until my contract with another firm expired. This salon in Bajada, Davao City, in front of SSS, which was launched in 2019 by a businesswoman named Ruth, is a cutting-edge establishment.

I initially learned about their eyelash extensions services through a Facebook advertisement encouraging clients to spend some "me time." During lockdown, all beauty salons are closed due to health rules, but they are already quickly becoming a popular among locals. Their elegant and stylish salon is the ideal spot to visit for a quick pick-me-up, whether you need nails, brows, or lashes. The staff is kind and extremely experienced in their area.

R-DYNASTY KADAYAWAN PROMO: Brow Lamination and EyeLash Extensions

I spotted their Facebook advertisement for their Kadayawan Promotion, and because I had already terminated my contract with another company, I messaged R-Dynasty to inquire about their promotion, and they responded to my inquiry. When I inquire whether they accept GCASH, they respond affirmatively. As soon as I received money from my clients, I rushed to their Matina Branch in Alorica Building, Matina, Davao City.

Yes, they accept GCASH payment! Their Kadayawan Promo for Brow Lamination + Lash Extensions is P799 plus I added P10 for GCASH service, total of P809.

Mae is the resident eyebrow threading expert; she tames unruly brows with her great eye for a natural appearance and applies color for a more refined finish. In addition to brow lamination, microblading, and HD Brows, she also offers lash extensions for those looking for a more permanent approach to enhance their eyelashes.

Mae adds that the most popular service they have for the eyes is the LASH EXTENSION, which I've dubbed the standout therapy for eyes. In just under an hour, the lash extensions lengthens, thickens, and lifts  what you currently have to create a set of natural, full-looking lashes. Already a favorite among A-listers and socialites, it instantly brightens the eyes and opens the face, making you appear younger.

Mae do the BROW LAMINATION first, my brows are treated to a variety of creams during the procedure. As part of the therapy, you'll recline in a super-comfy bed chair with a pillow under your knees and a blanket to cover your body/legs; they'll make sure you're comfortable as you meditate to a playlist of Christian songs.

Brow Lamination process is a bit long from the cleaning, threading and the application of LIFT PRIMER, Brow Curling Lotion, Fixing Lotion, Tinting, and Shine Repair. All in all an hour of Brow Lamination procedure.

For the Lash Extensions, it's very quick and extremely lightweight, they used silk extensions. Finer and more flexible than synthetic lash extensions, these are mid-weight lash extensions. They keep on a little longer than synthetics because they are softer and porous. Silk Lash Extensions can help weak or fine lashes, this kind of extensions may be the best solution for you. In addition, they are more durable than synthetic lashes.

I Trust R-Dynasty - the 1 hour 45 minutes fly by - and you'll emerge with fluttering lashes and brows that equal those of renowned A-list Korean artists. In addition to the extensions, Brow Lamination lasts around three to four months; however, water should be avoided for the first twenty-four hours to help them set.

My Review

My first appointment was for an eyebrow lamination and eyelash extension, and I was pleased with the results. The personnel was helpful and pleasant, and the care they provided was a top-notch.

For me, R-Dynasty is Highly Recommended for both nail and beauty treatments, as all of the staff members maintain a high level of professionalism. They are knowledgeable and offer personalized advice to each customer; the women are enthusiastic about the product's advantages and offer the customer a wealth of information.

The salon is clean and tastefully designed.

My only advice is that, may I request all beauty technicians and staff to use PPE and gloves or tongs to avoid direct skin contact and to observe all safety precautions when handling clients. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is recommended as a health and safety measure in a salon when all other control measures are insufficient to decrease the risk to an acceptable level. Protective gloves helps to keep water and hair products away from the skin, hence preventing the spread of any viruses.

I plan on returning to attempt further treatments. Thank you R-Dynasty, my experience has been FANTASTIC!


📍 2nd Floor, LSA Center Bajada
📍 2nd Floor, Oroderm Bldg Claveria
📍 Matina I.T Park beside 7-Eleven


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