My Eyelash Perming Experience at Hey Sugar! Waxing Salon Abreeza Mall #SwitchToHeySugar

For those of you who are not familiar with Hey Sugar!, it's a sister company of Nailaholics Nail Salon & Spa, a popular chain of nail & organic all-natural waxing salons here in the Philippines. There main selling target is affordability and accessibility with a lot of branches around the country.

The main service at Hey Sugar! is waxing. So if you're looking for an experts aestheticians make sure that you'll visit this place. They only use the best, highest quality, all organic natural ingredients.

They also sell OTC all-organic natural products:

But before you undergo waxing procedure, here's a few insider secrets  straight from the aestheticians of the go-to destination for all-natural, sugar waxing at Hey Sugar!

  • Skip the lotion of the day of your appointment. For best results, we'll need to clean, dry skin.
  • Stop shaving at least two weeks before your appointment. Hair needs to be long enough to lie flat on your skin. Those who shave typically have hair grows uneven, which makes it difficult in removing using wax.
  • Give your skin some breathing time after you wax. Your skin will be sensitive if exposed.
  • Avoid the sun after wax. So don't schedule your appointment on the day before you leave for the beach.
  • In general, avoid sun exposure this will also includes sauna, steam rooms and hot showers. GO FOR COLD WATER after waxing!
  • Don't wear tight clothing after an appointment, particularly synthetic lycra you usually wear as workout clothes, which is also means this is your best excuse to skip the gym.
  • Begin exfoliating a couple days after waxing to make sure that you prevent ingrown hairs.
Only trust Hey Sugar! for your waxing experience. It is healthier and more comfortable because they only use 100% naturally hypoallergenic sugar wax that minimizes side effects such as allergic reactions and chemical irritations caused by traditional waxing.

Aside from waxing, they also have THREADING & EYELASH ENHANCEMENT.


My lashes are not that long but they're straight. I always rely on my eyelash curler, so when I got the chance to have a FREE service from Hey Sugar! I was excited.

I've heard about eyelash extensions pros and cons and it sounds icky to me. Eyelash extensions is a big no-no for me. And the fact that you put fake lashes on your own eyelashes well thank you. I'm more safe with eyelash perming.

WHAT IS EYELASH PERMING? Or an eyelash permanent wave or known as the eyelash perm. It is a permanent relaxer that straightens the hair, a cosmetic procedure done by a licensed Aestheticians to flip up eyelashes using hair perming technology.


I booked an appointment with them one day after our Nailaholics nail pampering. On the day of the perming, I popped into one of their rooms and saw my other colleagues Dorz Calla from Davao Digital Influencers team having its eyelash perming procedure too.

While waiting, I was asked to fill in some forms then I was led by an aestheticians to the first cubicle after Dorz done with her procedure. The cubicle was small and clean with a bed on one side, a small drawer and powerful lamp on the other side.

The aestheticians asked me to lie down then turned on the powerful lamp and start cleaning the oily part around my eyes.

Lashes are treated with perm solutions which is then followed by the neutralizer and sometimes depending on which system you use will have a nourishing oil as the last step, to recondition and strengthen the lashes. Each being left on about 10 minutes.

Once the lashes have been applied by the FDA approved glue 100% safe and stings less, that doesn't hurt the lashes to the perm rod or silicone pad (with sizes S, M, L) the perming solution is applied to the upturned lash and left to set to 30 minutes, followed by a neutralizer which is also left for another 15 minutes. Once the silicone pad is removed the eyelids and lashes are cleansed of any residue. My over all procedure takes almost an hour, that I had to remind myself to not open my eyes or else it won't work. So I was drift off to sleep.

Another thing that convince me to do the eyelash perming is that it last longer compared to eyelash extensions. Eyelash Perming last for about 2 to 3 months, extensions last for 2 weeks.

For the first 3 days, you are not allowed to put mascara on your lashes. And make sure within a week stay away from going to the beach --- avoid sea and rain water.

And I have to tell you this, I don't regret in choosing the eyelash perming. It was perfect and worth it! I was amazed with the result and my eyelashes looks so awesome now.

Drop by Hey Sugar! located at the 3rd level of Abreeza Mall and expect a clean and inviting haven and leave it all to the hands of expert and well-trained aestheticians.

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