Eye Drops for Clumpy Mascara #TipsandTricks #Beauty #Cosmetics

You don't have to be professional to achieve fabulous look. In my case, it take me years to learn my face shape, what color suits my lips and how much to apply for blush on that will look natural and beautiful.

In my last post, I've shared with you the TIPS and TRICKS of using spoon in applying Eye Makeup. These time I will share something that will help my fellow beauty blogger and vlogger friends on how to end their agony with a clumpy mascara.

Recently, a friend of mine bought a mascara, problem is just for 2 days the mascara turn dry and sticky. I guess most of the girls encounter this kind of a problem, especially those who are vain in giving their eyelashes a highlight.



Make Your Mascara Last Longer! by Tara ~~ on Trusper.

Eye Drops help softens the mascara liquid, compared to water it will cause your mascara to flake or smudge. Well,  this will not work if it is a waterproof mascara.

  1. 4-5 drops of any generic eye drops(but some prefer to use Visine). 
  2. Close it back up. A quick stir with the brush.
  3. And ready to use.

***BTW, you can also use any saline solution meant in storing contact lenses.

Mascara should be replaced every 3 to 4 months, but now using this technique you can use it longer and you can save money too!


  1. Using eyedrop can really soften the brows so you can apply maskarra easier.