Pure 'n Fresh: Back To School With Confidence

It's time for school now!  Student are excited to come to school and meet their classmates and teachers. During this day, the exciting week, students are so conscious of how they interact with their fellow mates, especially that they are in their adolescence stage. With some girls starting to have that feeling of self-conscious about their body as they have begun their puberty stage. 

In my case, me and my teenage daughter has so many opportunities talking about the sudden changes of her lifetime she's experiencing now, especially her physical changes. Not to forget, by giving her advice's that these changes are part of the natural process of growing up as she enter into adulthood.

Now that she's in school, she need to relax and have some fun even during school days. To loosen up and deliver some play, Mikaela uses Pure'n Fresh Fabulously Fruity Feminine Wash and Tropical Splash Cologne.

In the package, I got a small box of Pure'n Fresh Teen Essentials Pack consist of a feminine wash and a cologne.

Excited to give this to my daughter, because she need this the most.

PURE'N FRESH is a product of UNILAB that gives you a line of feminine products made especially made for teens and also for tweens. It is guaranteed safe, mild and dermatologically tested, so mothers you don't have to worry with the product.


Girls that starts puberty early will have this notion to over react to this kind of phenomenon.  As I handed the pack to my daughter, she over-reacted it as well! Why she need this feminine wash? What for?

I talked to her about the following bodily changes that will happen to her during puberty and I merely focus to explain to her about MENSTRUATION. The hygiene related to menstrual cycles should not be left behind. And because sometimes they are always in a hurry going to school, forgetting all the necessities to be done, my advice is to bring with her her feminine wash.

Be sure that our daughters has the supplies like napkins for their period. Since they are away from home they should have that one thing that they need to bring to school aside from the napkins, is the Feminine Wash.

This feminine wash will help her because it has:

  • pH-balanced, maintains the natural pH of the external genitalia.
  • Has milk proteins and Chamomile extract to help nourish the skin moisture.
  • Removes odor-causing bacteria.
  • Mild and gentle for everyday use.
  • Clinically tested by OB-Gynecologists.


Skin is the most noticeable part in our body.
And during puberty stage the skin of a teenage girl becomes more oily and they sweat even to a greater extent!  

That is why they need to take a shower or to bathe everyday particularly during their period to keep their skin clean and to use deodorant after bathing to keep body odor and wetness under control.

And to keep my daughter brighten up her day in spite of the stressful day that she had from school and to keep her fresh and cool, I give her the Tropical Splash Cologne, with this it can help lighten up her day and boost back her confidence.

  • It's Hypo-allergenic
  • Dermatologist-tested, very mild and gentle on teen skin.

We parents should set examples to our children, we must be considerate and supportive regarding their school needs especially parents who have girl teenagers.

I hope Mikaela will follow the points I have given her, now that she's already 14 years old and with my guidance she will know how to see the differences in maturity.  

And enjoy the days in school with CONFIDENCE!

Check out some tips from Pure 'N Fresh here in this video:

Thanks UNILAB for the package......

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  1. This looks like its a great product for teens. Not to harsh and just gentle for their sensitive skin.

  2. Women and young girls do need products like this to keep us feeling fresh all throughout the day.

  3. For scents and lotions, I liked the fruity smells and I think this too for girls, teens and tweens.

  4. Ah, at a loss na naman ako rito. ha,ha,ha... But mother-daughter relationship is very vital during adolescence years. And, good thing there are numbers of feminine hygiene products available in stores to choose from. This Pure & Fresh product seems a good one to try.

  5. This is without a doubt a good product for your daughter to use. =)

  6. They really need to stay fresh for the whole day as they're already growing up and of course, they have different needs. You're doing a good job! :)

  7. Wow! This product is new to me.. and the packaging is so kikay! :-)

  8. Pure and fresh is just the perfect scent for teens - light and carefree.

  9. I think I've seen the TVC a few days back. It's when my sister actually said she'd like to try this out. :)

  10. This is perfect for the teens :) I'm not really a Pure N Fresh product user but I've tried their items and I'm satisfied naman :)

  11. I think everyone needs these products. My daughter keeps on asking me to buy new for her.