The talk of the town youth-oriented pageant from the Miss Teen Philippines(MTP)which involves the raring of the 40 candidates for global readiness towards education, also deals with Teen Fashion. As one of the MTP sponsors TOMATO give their full support to the candidates by giving them FREE BAG and also SWAP watches that is fashionably stylish.

TOMATO is not merely a brand, but also a fashion online retailer that gives you the latest trends, that customers will really love to come back and buy their products, from clothes, pants, bags, wallets, slippers, gadgets and watches.

Products that are vibrantly the best and hottest in fashion industry that are affordable.


A family owned corporation under the name of PRIME COLORS INTERNATIONAL, INC. which manages the Brands like TOMATO, TOMATO GREEN and TOMATO TIME.

MTP Candidates are very happy receiving their BELLINI Hand Bag by TOMATO.

"BELLINI" Hand Bag - PHp950

And yes, I also have mine.  Thanks so much TOMATO for this.

What I like about this bag is that it has its own key and a padlock.

It's a FAUX Leather Hand Bag with a contrast animal print handle with gold accents comes with a detachable strap. It also has an extended zipper closure for a wide storage for your things, you can put your laptop, android tablets and cellphones together.

This bag is good for traveling because it can also store clothes for a weekend trip and you don't have to worry because it has a lock for your things safety.

Though summer ended here's a video, a BTS from TOMATO from their SUMMER 2014 COLLECTION, it's your guide to know more what really TOMATO is.

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  1. Looks good for lady's items especially the bags. Awesome clothing from Tomato.

  2. I love hand bags very much , i will buy only hand bags when i go for trips and tours Thanks for sharing with us
    Awesome post

  3. I love regular bags that can be used as bags for gadgets. You do not have to to bring those generic-looking laptop bags.

  4. wow. i never thought tomato sells that kind of a classy bag!

  5. I never thought Tomato sells that kind of classy bags! Thank you for sharing! :D

  6. Looks like they have some amazing stuff. A must visit place for shopping!! Thanks for sharing

  7. It's nice that it has a lock since it's much classier holding a bag when you're not worried about losing the contents.

  8. That's a cute handbag, it can go well with a lot of colors and styles. The lock and key is very similar to an LV bag, maybe they got their inspiration from them.

  9. First time to hear about this brand but they looks good

  10. That bag is lovely! Tomato bags are really nice and I love to check whenever they have new ones. You are so lucky to get a bag from them! I so envy you!lol

  11. Interesting name. There's Mango, Apple, and now Tomato! Haha... as long as they are trendy, I believe they can attract crowd