Comfort and Joy: Holiday Fashion Tips for Expectant Moms

As the Christmas celebrations get closer, it's time to start thinking about your festive wardrobe and what fashions will complement your changing body. Dressing a baby bump for a party can seem like a daunting task at first, but there are a few style secrets that will have you looking like a party princess in no time. Creating a modest, elegant look is easy when you know how, and the following style tips will make choosing your winter wardrobe a breeze.

Embrace the World of Online Shopping

Remember the previous years spent trawling through hundreds of different shops in search of that one perfect dress? Chances are you won't have the energy or patience to do that again this year, so online shopping is the perfect way to browse hundreds of different styles from the comfort of your couch. Many online stores offer free returns, so don't be afraid to order a number of different styles to try on and then select your favourite. If you live in a small town, maternity party dresses may be difficult to come by, and the internet will surely offer a far better range of attractive, modern designs.

Mix and Match

Try to select a few simple, key pieces that can be dressed up or down with some eye-catching accessories such as dangly earrings or a statement scarf. If you don't have a big budget to blow on your party clothes, opt for a simple long skirt that can be teamed with a button-down blouse or a wraparound cardigan to create a few different style combinations. If you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, your body is probably 
changing day by day, so give yourself plenty of options to choose from on the night of the party. Layers are also a great way to draw attention away from your bump, and delicate silk vests layered over a thin sweater are a fantastic way to wear a revealing shirt whilst still preserving your modesty. Maternity jeans are also a great option as the stretchy waist band will cover your entire bump whilst still allowing you freedom to bend and sit down.

Buy At Least One Special Dress

You never know what type of soirees you might get invited to this Christmas, so having one go-to dress that is perfect for every occasion is essential.

A wraparound maternity dress is a fantastic option that is also extremely versatile.

Acne Mallory Dress

If you're invited to a formal gathering, accessorise with some elegant, understated jewellery and sweep your hair up into a stylish ballerina bun

Slip into the highest heels you can manage and you're ready to hit the town. A party at a friend or colleague's house will call for something far less grand, and a wraparound dress can easily be layered over jeans or tights to give a more casual look.

Don't Forget the Accessories

Accessories are an essential addition to every single holiday outfit and can take you from daywear to party time in seconds. This season is all about making a statement, and you can make yours with a jewelled bib necklace, printed scarf, chunky gold bangles or even with an eye-catching fascinator. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to add some shine and sparkle, so don't be afraid to add plenty of accessories to jazz up your outfit. High heeled shoes can be a problem for expectant mothers during the last months of pregnancy, so make sure you always carry a pair of flats with you wherever you go. Wide-fitting shoes are a great option for those who suffer from fluid retention around the ankles and feet, and cushioned insoles also make a world of difference when dancing the night away.

Modern maternity wear is designed to cradle and show off your bump rather than hide it, and you can have fun choosing a few different styles that will help you embrace your new figure. Despite the swollen feet and sudden bouts of nausea, pregnancy is still one of the most beautiful times in a woman's life and should be celebrated. Carrying a steadily increasing baby bump does not have to slow you down this party season, and the many different celebrations provide ample opportunities for you to show off your new maternity fashion. 

About the author:

Sophie West is passionate about women's fashion. She loves writing about flattering looks for every woman.


  1. I think for expectant moms, comfortable clothes is the priority though they can still be fashionable.

    1. Fashionable in a sense they can still look amazing and beautiful even though they have big tummies.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post for expectant moms. I agree that as long as it is comfortable to wear you will still stand out. Even future moms will be busy they must don't forget to brighten up their self by wearing a decent look with matching a simple accessory.

  3. Those are great tips! Accessories cannot be forgotten because this can make the whole look complete. For a simple dress, accessories can make it elegant and classy in any second. :)

  4. Expectant moms usually used the loose-dresses for their daily undertaking, but some, prefer the body fit. You have tips that's good too for them.

  5. Thanks for the tips sis! I have that one special dress too! Btw, I like your .gif legs with shoes signature, is that what it's called? So cute!

  6. I spend hours and hours doing online shopping but the end result is always that I don't have anything to buy because I wanted to see them first in flesh.

  7. I should have learned about these things when I was pregnant with my son. I was the ugliest woman on earth back then. Lol! I'll share these tips with other preggy moms I know so that they won't experience what I went through. -- Maria Teresa Figuerres

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