Corporate Day MakeUp Tutorial

Corporate MakeUp is hard to do for every working woman out there.  Anyone ought to have no makeup at all going to work and have that simple look for the whole day. But keep in mind that when you're working you need to be well prepared and well presented.

If you want to look professional not seductive you can follow this tutorial especially suited for everyone.

Look simple.  Less Makeup.


Apply face primer as your base, followed by a foundation and concealer.

Here I use the foundation technique I've learned from Shiseido.

And in applying the concealer use the PAT and BLEND technique. Repeat it until you get the natural blend for your skin.

  1. If you use LIQUID CONCEALER this is best for dry skin.  Using the gentle PAT AND BLEND TECHNIQUE with your ring finger.
  2. If you use STICK or PENCIL CONCEALER this are easy to transport and use for a quick touch up.  Still use the PAT AND BLEND with your ring finger.
  3. CREAMY LIQUID CONCEALER is way great because it is suitable for all skin types, but I suggest better use wand or brush in applying following the basic foundation application.


For the first time I use my BYS Brow and Eye Pencil in Blonde.

Frankly, I don't like it because of its soft and waxy texture that is actually looks like an ashy brown.  Though I like the shape, the flat and slanted tip, and the style of an automatic pen liner.

I don't like the color maybe because it doesn't fit my skin tone.  I prefer brown or blonde-brown.  Anyway this is beneficial for those who have an unruly eyebrows because it can help flatten and shape your brows.

Because this pencil doesn't settle well you can apply BROW GEL.  

Reminder: Use BROW GEL if you have an oily and sweaty brows just like me.

But just in case you don't have BROW GEL you can set it by coordinating powder.


I like my BYS Smudge proof Waterproof Eyeliner in Black.

It's pretty much immovable as you use it. There are many ways on how to apply eyeliner but because our topic here is about Corporate Look we will stick with that look for now.

The BYS liquid eyeliner helps me draw the perfect line of my eye using the unique tip of the liner. It really had a quick dry formula and no smudge at all.

Reminder: When applying liquid eyeliner, don't open your eye until the liner has had time to dry or you may smudge it.

But if you are on a rush don't dare use liquid eyeliner, use a pencil with a light touch.

Next is applying MASCARA.

Reminder:  If you have LASH PRIMER use it first before applying mascara on your lashes.

For me it is a waste to apply mascara without a primer.

But in my case now, I use BYS Volume and Lengthening Mascara.  No need to put lash primer because it has already coating materials that can give you thicker and longer lashes.

Better to have a double purpose eyebrow/liner pencil.

When you are in the office tendency is you have to re-apply your makeup as much as possible.


Press and set the powder in, don't swipe if you use a brush.  

In my case, I prefer to use sponge because I have sensitive skin. Brush sometimes irritates my face and gives me some red spots.  

Applying BLUSH ON and LIPSTICK, read my blog here

Rushing on putting make up can lead you to a big mistakes.  And sometimes end like your drawing your face just like a wonky toinky line and having to start again.

So be careful in applying simple corporate makeup, you can look fabulous, but it's often not that easy to master all of these things here.

So try these tips and make your own techniques!  After some practice you will see your improvement.



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  1. This is really very helpful for all the ladies working in a corporate setup.

  2. It pays to have a bit of knowledge on how to apply make-up. Beauty salon services nowadays are expensive.

  3. Correct and as you know if you actually find ways to discover how to do it on your own you save tons of pennies then.

  4. O guess, few morebeauty posts to read, then I can open my own beauty parlor.. LOL BTW, Pal you look great.

    1. Hahahahaha...Papaleng so funny. LOL...anyway pag may parlor shop ka na invite mo ako sa opening ha? Lol..Thanks again Papaleng...

  5. Corporate make-up should be applied as light and as natural as possible not to be wronged as someone attending a party.

    1. Yes sis that is true. Look simple with less make up.

  6. Oh I looove BYS!! I want a BYS Makeup kit too!! ♥♥♥ Btw, you look so pretty with that makeup!

  7. I agree! in applying concealer you have to pat and blend, the patting technique can make pores less visible.

    1. Correct Michael...need to that to blend it with your skin tone...

  8. oh gosh, 4 or 5 years ago i used to search for a howto make up professional look fit for office environment and now this! weaaah.hehhe. i think the make up you did here is just suitable! it doesn't look too over empowering nor plain, just right for a decent profession:) im just thinking may be now, i can use this but always with red lipstick on! ehheh

  9. Love how simple the makeup is, it looks very neat and natural. Great tips indeed for those who want to look at their best in a professional way :)